Is Your Resume Working For (or Against) You?

Your resume is the most crucial element in beginning a successful and results-driven job search, and Aspyre Solutions provides premium assistance with resume and CV writing and preparation.

It’s amazing how many people think they can construct a basic resume with a few sentences about what they do and what they’ve done, and that’s enough to convince multiple layers of hiring managers and potential employers that they’re the best fit for the role. ¬†Job searching is about marketing, and if you don’t know how to market yourself effectively, or have the right tools to do so (like a carefully & expertly-crafted resume that brands and sells), then you are not going to see results that are in line with your professional goals. ¬†Whether you seek the services of a trained professional resume writer or coach, or you do it yourself, creating an effective resume that gets you interviews requires investing time and resources in yourself, and prioritizing your professional goals and success.

Whether you are looking to create a full resume from scratch, update or rewrite an existing resume, or simply looking for a trained expert’s review of your resume, I offer extensive professional experience writing, editing and reviewing resumes for all industries and experience levels, that brand and communicate effectively and that create better tailored, more efficient results from your search.

Together we will:

  • Determine the best type of resume to fit your career objectives – chronological (traditional), functional, or hybrid format.
  • Establish your goals for the types of roles and organizations you want your resume to speak to and qualify you for.
  • Ensure that the voice of your resume clearly speaks to and supports your level of experience, and doesn’t over- or under-qualify you.
  • Create a summary statement that brands and sells your most relevant skills, strengths and core competencies.
  • Combine your most relevant job experience, responsibilities and accomplishments into an eye-catching, easy-to-read format that best communicates and highlights the most relevant information in a clear and concise format.
  • Determine the best way to address and communicate any employment gaps, dismissals or other potential red flags.
  • Focus in on your most transferrable skill sets and experiences, and how to best communicate them for successful career change and transition.


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