It’s 5am in China. They’re Probably Online.


Came across this interesting infographic on social media penetration worldwide. The research looks at global consumer adoption of the Internet and social media across 36 different markets.  No surprise, the US is up there among the leaders, second only to China in terms of total online users. I would be curious to see this broken down even further by the different ways we’re engaging, and via what vehicles.  There is some differentiation, in terms of which users in which countries are more likely to be content sharers versus message senders.

Though I’m curious – what’s up Japan?  Pretty meager there.   Chalk that up to stricter internet regulations, perhaps.  How much do you utilize social media on a daily basis – person, professional or both?   I use it quite regularly for personal use, but probably even more so for brand building, content sharing and marketing.  How about you?    Read the full skinny on Mashable.

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