Kicking off a Week of Creative Soul Searching (& Interning With Myself)

Today I kick off my week-long creative design & illustration intensive, aptly named “Creative Week!” (Not the most creative of monickers I realize, but hey I’m an illustrator…not a copywriter). Anyhow, as I’ve divulged in recent ramblings, part of what I love about doing what I do as far as working with aspiring creative entrepreneurs and other creative professionals, is talking a little bit of good ol’ shop. As a freelance illustrator in addition to my consulting work, I essentially draw for [part of] a living. I like being able to relate to my audience & my clients on that level.

And that’s ridiculously exciting to me, because it brings me back to the 5th grade in Miss Spinola’s class in New Jersey, where I drew my first piece of pure awesomeness, foreshadowing the wealth of sketchbook awesomeness to come. It was a full-color pencil drawing of Captain America (who I don’t even like, so I don’t know why I chose him) on a piece of yellow notebook paper, the kind where the lines were a centimeter apart and you practiced you cursive writing on it. Anyway, I thought drawing superheros clearly equated to being awesome, and little Rob would finally notice me after having a crush on him since the third grade and want me to draw something for him (omg! omg!). That didn’t happen. But I still thought I was awesome for awhile, until college anyway, where the Ninja Turtle thing ya, know… wasn’t really cool anymore. Wah, wah…

Now it’s about clients, and not little Rob. I guess it never ends, trying to impress someone. But I’m in a good place to do it, I think. I’m in Brooklyn, which I consider the center of the creative universe, the epicenter of freelance lifestyle. Everyone is going to think I’m a hipster now. Just kidding. Regardless, I know for a fact that Captain America sketch still resides in some buried folder in my folks’ house in north Jersey, and I fully intend to find it next time I go home, because I want to hang it up in my office studio.

So this week is essentially my much needed reconnect with my creative self, a self-inflicted “internship” of sorts, to refine my style, rebuild my portfolio, and see how I fare doing nothing but drawing and digitizing for 5 days straight. Of course, I will still be tending to the necessary obligations of running my business and available to answer the call of duty for all current clients – make no mistake there. But I am excited to dive right in and get my hands dirty, with paint, ink, pencil, pen and whatever other medium opens itself up to me this week.

I’ll be keeping my updates here on the blog for anyone who’s interested in the outcomes of my creative journey. Why am I putting this out there for the world to see? Because I’m trying to convey a message, and maybe even set a prime example, that no matter what field of work you’re in, it’s important to honor who you are creatively and personally in your work. And if you can’t do in within the confies and boundaries of your “day job”, then make it a priority to set aside time for yourself to break out of that mold and honor those talents that are important to you. Who knows – maybe it opens a door for you to launch a cool and unexpected side gig!

Until tomorrow…happy creating, and God speed!
Oh, and please don’t tell Rob about my embarrassingly huge crush…

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