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YOUR PERSONAL BRAND.  It’s all about how you market yourself to potential employers, clients and customers, and how you communicate the message that illustrates your professional value, the key to standing out in a saturated, competitive job market.

Job seekers have a multitude of tools and technologies at their fingertips to utilize as part of their job search strategy.  From your resume, to your LinkedIn profile, your cover letter, website, blog, even to your social media presence- if you want to position yourself as the right candidate, you have to be sending the right message:  “I bring unique value to the table with my mix of skills, experience, knowledge and expertise.”  And that right message has to be clear, confident and consistent throughout both your online and offline presence.

This is the idea behind the Personal Brand Analysis: An in-depth written analysis of your resume & LinkedIn profile based on the effectiveness of brand messaging, format, design, content, verbiage, language & other key areas, with feedback and suggestions on how to best optimize both for better results.

PERSONAL BRAND Analysis: $125

Full-length report, does not include rewrite.  2-3 Business Day Turnaround

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