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From Employee to Entrepreneur: Escaping the 9 to 5!  

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This course is for aspiring entrepreneurial rockstars, killer creatives, stellar freelancers of all walks of life who want to live the independent life, and make money doing it!

Start a Small Business - E-Course for Aspiring EntrepreneursWith in-depth tutorials, action-packed activities to put your knowledge into action, interactive discussion forums to ask myself and your peers questions & get feedback, and a free one-on-one coaching session, the course provides ALL of the essential creative, operational, financial, marketing and sales knowledge you need to get your idea off the ground and on its way to becoming something sustainable!

I designed this course to fit aspiring, curious and even working entrepreneurs of all levels, so you can learn, explore, do and make happen!  If you’re passionate about starting your own business, or even just curious about what it would be like to do so, “From Employee to Entrepreneur” is for you.

We’ll work on creating one heck of an Exit Strategy to make change happen and take you from Employee to Entrepreneur, and get you started on the road to self-employment.  Plus, as part of the course you also receive a free 15-minute one-on-one small business consulting session with me at any point during the course to discuss your progress, challenges, and anything else related to getting your business up and running (and making sure you stay sane doing it!).

We’ll also cover:

  • Creating a personal, professional & financial exit strategy.  So a lot to do with budgeting, planning, surrounding yourself with a supportive team of people, why you want to make the change in the first place
  • Determining your target audience, what their needs are, and why your products will be of value to them.
  • What your core products & services are, and how to convey value to your target market
  • Creating your unique brand in terms of its personality, web presence & visual identity
  • How to determine your top competitors, and create a competitive analysis
  • Putting together a basic business plan as a blueprint for growing your business
  • What goes into naming your business, certain guidelines you need to follow, and how that translates into your brand identity
  • Setting up your accounting and bookkeeping systems, tracking profit & expenses, and maintaining good records
  • Creating a marketing and sales strategy, what all the different online and offline marketing channels are, and how to determine which ones will likely work best for your business
  • All that good stuff pertaining to small business finance & taxation, which business structure to register as (LLC, sole proprietor, etc.), how to actually go about registering your business
  • Most of the basic things you need to know on the legal end for forming a small business
  • Setting up different systems, or your business operations, so that everything is streamlined & efficient.  This is all about you essentially run your business day to day.
  • You’ll have continual interaction with me through the discussion threads, and a free one on one coaching session that you can take advantage of at any point during the course.

So Why This Course?  It’s designed to run at your own pace, it’s completely user-friendly, and I have no qualms about challenging you to do your best work and get the best results out of all this.  Plus, I’m fun to work with, I like to inject a little personality and humor into a very complicated subject matter, and most of all… I’m your Entrepreneurial Wingwoman and I know how to help you get it done!

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