Personal Branding Tools for Job Seekers and Small Business Entrepreneurs

[Creating Brands With Personality, Pop & Appeal!]



Brand Rx
A thorough one-shot analysis of your overall existing brand identity, covering everything from visual aesthetics, to messaging, tone of voice, engagement with your target audience, value proposition and more.  We’ll take a deep dive into the mechanics of your brand to see where it’s effective, and where it maybe needs a shot of branding Botox.  Contact me to setup a consultation

Website Rx: Basic Design & Development
Whether you need a basic web presence, or have one that needs some basic customization, it’s [probably] nothing a little HTML, CSS and design chops can’t fix!  This is designed for those seeking a basic website setup, theme customization, help with domain hosting and other basic setup operations.  Your website is the digital face of your business, and you want to make sure the personality of your brand shines through, and doesn’t look like just another WordPress blog.  Contact me to setup a consultation

Website Rx: Advanced Design & Development
My extensive network of creative professionals have an amazing arsenal of tools to help you design and develop a more customized and dynamic website that offers the maximum functionality.   Contact me to setup a consultation

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