CLIENT | Testimonials


“Dana is a fantastic resource for new entrepreneurs like me. I already had a great idea in place for my online music magazine, but found myself long on ideas and short on time and focus. With Dana’s feedback, gentle encouragement and resources for planning and goal setting I’ve been able to move my business forward much faster and with more clarity than I certainly have been able to achieve on my own. I heartily recommend Dana ‘s services for new and budding entrepreneurs.”
-Jeff S – Music Blogger, Los Angeles

“Dana put together for me a terrific Infographic and Cover Page!  They both are professional looking and perfectly matched to my type of business.  I found her to be very courteous, cheerful and inspirational and I definitely recommend her!”
-Amanda B – Floral Designer, NYC

“Dana is the overall package of professionalism and solid execution. She diligently worked with me despite my crazy schedule to get the final products in a quick turn around time that didn’t sacrifice quality. My success story? Not too long after our first edit, I submitted my new resume to a company that eventually became a new freelance gig! The confidence in my own skills and experience on paper would have been void if it hadn’t been for Dana. I will recommend her to colleagues and anyone else willing to take one step closer to success.”
-Melissa E – Writer, NYC

“I ended following your advice after we spoke on the phone, and accepted the job a few days later… After speaking with you I was better able to understand my value. I really want to thank you again for the time you took to talk to me. You really did have a helping hand in molding my career and making it’s path for future growth solid.”
-Marie – User Experience Designer, NYC

” I haven’t used a resume for 13 years – so I had no idea where to begin. Dana did an amazing job not only bringing it up to date, but making it look clean and professional. I’m anxious to use it and start my new career!”
-Shana B – Project Manager, NYC

“Dana is a rare talent. She is a listener who is able to gather information and present it strategically and professionally. Her manner is agreeable and her work is exemplary. I highly recommend her!”
-Emerald L. – Freelance Writer & Editor, NYC

“Dana has impressed me with her dedication, professionalism, and work ethic. But what I like the most about her, is her ability to listen and truly care about her clients and their needs. I appreciate the opportunity to recommend Dana.”  
-Felicia R. – Non-Profit Professional, NYC

“Dana was great – and talk about fast turn around! My new resume looks great, and perhaps even more, the experience of working with Dana (the conversation I had with her before and the new layout I now have) really helped to focus me in terms of my job search. I think I came out of the process with a clearer sense of what I have to offer. Thanks!”  
-Jeni M. – Playwright & Artistic Director, NYC

“I hired Dana to rewrite my resume, and she was great throughout the process. She asked good questions, was responsive and open to my feedback, and her editing and writing made a big difference on my resume.”   Top Qualities: Personable, Expert, Good Value
-Anastasia C. – U/X Designer, NYC

“The day after you finished up my resume, I submitted it to a job with the NYC Dept of Ed. Got a call the next day, went through the process, and I’m happy to report I’m starting on Monday! So I just wanted to give you a big thanks for your help.”
-John G. – Instructional Technologist, NYC

“Thank you for all of your hard work and translating our telephone conversation to a resume that accurately reflects my skills, talents, and career objective.”
-Tiffany M. – Advertising Professional, NYC

“With your help I feel much more comfortable sending out my resume. Your suggestions and formatting made all the difference.”
-Leslie P. – Non-Profit Administrator, NYC

“Dana took my [resume] materials and transformed them quite literally,  overnight! Working with her was seamless & her attention to detail is fantastic.”
-Marla K. – Actress/Singer, NYC

“Dana Leavy is professional, fast and really great! She just helped me re-do my resume after 15 years. I recommend her and the other services she offers at her company.”  
-Judy S. – Psychology Professional, NY

“You define exactly the type of person I love working with. You really know your stuff, and beyond that, you’re a wonderful human being. We need more people like you in this cold hearted industry.”
-Keith L. – Creative Director, Boston

“I recommend Dana Leavy and Aspyre Solutions coaching with favorable acclimation. As a business owner and marketing coach myself, I found her demeanor very professional and her topics credible and relevant.”
-Michele J. – Marketing Consultant, New York

“Dana is dedicated and reliable. A great connection and fun to work with.”
-Melissa D. – Multimedia Specialist, Boston

“Dana is one of the most talented and creative people I’ve ever met. She is organized, driven, and dedicated, while maintaining a great sense of humor and down-to-earth, professional attitude. She can adapt to all kinds of situations and still manage to impress the masses. When Dana walks into a room anywhere, people want to know who she is. I know I can count on her to get the job done and I would highly recommend Dana.”
-Hillary R. – Journalist & Freelance Writer, NY

“Dana is my competition. Yet, here I am, writing a glowing letter of reference for her, mainly because I am in awe of her talents. Dana excels at everything she does — she’s an accomplished relationship builder and a solid manager, who is highly respected by her colleagues (and competition!). Dana’s intelligence, dedication and work ethic, and overall talents make her an asset to any company lucky enough to have her on their team.”
-Carol T. – Recruiting Entrepreneur, New York/Boston

“Dana is an expert in the creative field and a professional who reacts appropriately to make sure that she is meeting the customer’s needs in a manner that is consistent with the customer’s timelines. She is a very open, honest and dependable person, it is a pleasure to work with her.”
-Kim D. – Human Resources Manager, Boston

“I am not quite sure how she did it but I could count on value from Dana that [her] competition couldn’t or wouldn’t touch. Dana deserves much of the credit for forming a strong business partnership with both Digitas and Carat. Her responsiveness and attention to detail are unique. I highly recommend her.
-George R. – HR Director, Boston

“As an artist, designer and musician, Dana brings a unique perspective to her role. She fully understands the skills required to complete a client project and is able to conduct legitimate and meaningful discovery with them to help them accomplish their goals. She is able to interact with talent in a credible manner that gives them the confidence.”
-Tim M. – Artist, Musician & Entrepreneur, Boston

“Dana was an incredible resource. Of all the places I went to, she was the most successful. She helped me find the perfect job. I always recommend Dana to everyone who is looking for work in my field. Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity”

-Anibal C. – Art Director/Designer, Boston