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What I Do
I’m your Entrepreneurial Wingwoman.  My job is to work with you on your creative business idea, help you through the transition process from Employee to Entrepreneur, and advise you on the necessary steps to create, operate  and market your business.

Nobody thrives financially, professionally or personally when they’re chained to work we neither identify with, nor enjoy.  I help aspiring entrepreneurs, independents, and small business owners break free of career stagnation and create businesses and careers that resonate with who they are personally and creatively.

Start a Small Business - Coaching for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Who Do I Work With?
My expertise is in helping small think big.  In other words, my clients are one man or woman-shops, individuals with great ideas in need of great strategy for  bringing their service or product-based business into the world, and out of the classic “One of these days…” mentality.  They are designers, freelancers, marketers, writers, bloggers, consultants, coaches, wellness professionals, artists and other creators who want to work with someone who’s done it – and who understand their business, their challenges, their expectations, their aspirations, and their ideas.

So How About You?  You have a vision of what you want your business to be, but you feel a tad green when it comes to wrapping your head around the in’s, out’s and legalities of small business universe  itself.  You’re stuck in draft mode.  Working full time in another job only complicates that.  If it were up to you, you’d rather focus on your craft, doing the work you love, and not prepping yourself for a hypothetical MBA.  You hate the idea of marketing and sales because you’ve never had to do it before, and you’re “really not a sales person”.  But you DO think you have something stellar to build a business around and you’re jazzed by the idea of seeing your creative vision come to life.  In other words, you’re read to roll: now all you need is a well-trained partner in crime to help you focus and make it happen.

What Kind of Coaching Do I Do?
I offer one-on-one personalized consulting via phone or Skype, an exit strategy-focused Quick Start program, as well as a self-guided E-Course and E-Book entitled “From Employee to Entrepreneur”.

What Can Working With Me Do for You?
Using my 3-tier process, I help you Create, Build and Grow your small business through a comprehensive model that takes into account that not everyone is at the same place in their business, and may have different needs within 1 or all of the tiers.

CREATE: Equally fun, exciting and sometimes overwhelming, this is all about the initial transition phase where we work on the exit strategy to take your from employee to entrepreneur. We examine your financials, current career, motivations for change, what you need to make the transition, and use that to create a timeline and action plan for moving into the next phase of your business, whether it’s full or part-time.  We also put together the initial pieces of your brand itself – what is your business all about?  Who does it cater to?  What do you have to offer your potential customers, and why is of SO much value to them that they’re going to be inspired to buy from you?

BUILD: With an exit strategy in place to make the transition, it’s all about tightening up that brand, defining how your business will be structured, and understanding how you want to position yourself in the market, based on your target customer and who your existing competitors might be. Things we work on here include further refining your business plan (target audience, mission, product & services, value proposition, goals for growth, etc.), looking at the financial/accounting/taxation and legal actions you need to take, and create an operations system for how you are going to run and track the business day to day (project management software, customer service principles, product management, how products are bought/sold/delivered, materials acquisition, bookkeeping, contracts, etc.)!

GROW: With the foundations of the business in place and a clear plan of how you plan to run it day to day, the next step is to grow it. Here we focus on marketing and sales to move the business away from budding business-in-the-works, and toward a more sustainable entity. While many are still in the start-up phase at this point, it’s more about devising a sound marketing and sales strategy that will help you move towards X amount of growth in X amount of time.

When Will You Start to See Results?
Starting a small business is no small feat, and while you will start to see immediate results as we begin to piece things together, you can expect a good 3 months to really gain traction, and I ask that clients be willing to work together for a minimum of 3 months to truly get value and return out of the relationship.



Introductory Session: $125 (1 Session)

Perfect if you have a few specific questions around your business or need just a few bites of small biz advice! We’ll make the most of this 60-minute session via phone or Skype, so you walk away with tangible value and action steps for moving forward.


Brand Diagnostic: $225 

A deep-dive look at your brand from top-down – what’s working? What’s not? How can we fix it and optimize it to look, sounds, communicate and sell better? We’ll examine everything from your visual brand identity, to messaging, user experience, sales and marketing strategy and more, to ensure that your website and branding materials are communicating an effective, unique, cohesive brand message that resonates with your target customer. Includes a full written analysis of your existing website, social media presence, and additional branding tools, and a 45 minute phone consultation to discuss feedback, questions and action items for moving forward.


“Let’s Get It Goin’!” Business Quick Start Program: $399 

3 Sessions plus creative planning worksheets to help you create a side gig with the plan of becoming a full time venture within 12-18 months. Together we will create a solid foundation for growth & sustainability by creating clarity, vision and goals for getting your business and brand off the ground. Sessions are conducted via phone or Skype. More Info


Individual Small Business Consulting

Please Contact Me for Availability
4 1-hour sessions per month, this is a soup-to-nuts program for the aspiring entrepreneur looking to make a serious transition into building their business and turning into into an exciting and productive career! We’ll work on everything from setting the initial foundation, to getting your business off the ground legally and financially, creating an exit strategy to move into your business part or full time, and devise marketing, sales and operations strategies for growth. Weekly sessions are conducted via phone or Skype.

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What Do Clients Have to Say?

“Dana is a fantastic resource for new entrepreneurs like me. I already had a great idea in place for my online music magazine, but found myself long on ideas and short on time and focus. With Dana’s feedback, gentle encouragement and resources for planning and goal setting I’ve been able to move my business forward much faster and with more clarity than I certainly have been able to achieve on my own.”
-Jeff S. – Music Blogger, Los Angeles

“Dana helped me put together for me a terrific Infographic and Cover Page! They both are professional looking and perfectly matched to my type of business.  I found her to be very courteous, cheerful and inspirational and I definitely recommend her!”
-Amanda B. – Floral Designer, NYC

“I recommend Dana with favorable acclimation. As a business owner and marketing professional myself, I found her demeanor very professional and her topics credible and relevant.”
-Michele J. – Marketing Professional & Entrepreneur, NYC

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