My Roundup: The Best of 2012, & What to Look for in 2013

Can you believe 2012 is over in less than a week? The last few weeks have been jam-packed with power-planning for what I want to create in 2013, ideas for growth, and new exciting things I can offer to you guys. And many of you are probably in the same boat, working out your resolutions, to-do lists, and business-focused goals for the New Year. Nothing ramps up that goal-setting momentum like a fresh start to a New Year. Here are just some of my predictions for the New Year that might help you prepare yourself as you’re setting those all-important action items:

  • More people than ever will be entering the entrepreneurial space. Differentiating yourself will be about the value you offer to your customers in the user experience, versus the things like flashy websites and landing pages, online personas, popularity, or kitschy content writing. They’re not buying personalities, they’re buying experiences that better their lives in some way.
  • People will look favorably upon, and continue to loyally follow those actively engaging in thought leadership and blogging, and who are creating and curating original, intelligent and relevant content. And who provide that platform for conversation.
  • There is a rising interest in products and services that tap into people’s abilities to hone in on and achieve personal goals around life purpose, work-life balance and creative fulfillment. There is also growing competition in that space, and tangible, specific benefits will sell better than high-level, whimsical ideas (like “find your true passion”).
  • Unemployment is on the decrease and earning is on the uptick. People are more interested in value and return on their investment, rather than discounts, deals and reductions. Be strategic when you think about running promotions, reducing your prices at a client’s request, or charging less because of your experience level. Charge based on the value of the benefits you’re offering.

So in thinking about branding, marketing, pricing, and the different topics and trends that are going to ring loudly on the radar in 2013, I’ve compiled my favorite, and best posts from 2012 that get into the nitty gritty of why these things are so important, and how you can strategize around positioning yourself for success in January (and beyond):

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That’s about it! Wishing you a safe, happy and abundant New Year, and see you in 2013!

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