Digital Brand Presence Package for Small Businesses

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Boost your online brand visibility with a consistent presence across the most impactful social media networks, with expertly-crafted profile content that speaks to and attracts your target audience.

If you’re a freelancer or solopreneur, you are the face of your brand and your business, and one of your best selling points is your ability to engage with customers and provide them with a more personalized customer experience.  Creating a strong social media and digital brand presence gives you the ability to craft and communicate a compelling story around your brand, what it is you do or provide, and the different ways in which create value for your customers.

The Digital Brand Presence package for small businesses will help you build a consistent online brand presence across the most appropriate and relevant social media and networking platforms for reaching and engaging your target customer base, maximize your visibility, and boost your marketing efforts in more time and cost-effective manner.  I work with you to create expertly-branded profile content across multiple platforms that speaks to the interests and needs of your target customer, illustrates your credibility and expertise, and communicates the unique benefits of working with you and investing in your products and services.  See An Example



  • Branded profile content for up to 4 social media platforms, including Facebook (personal or brand pages), Twitter, Google+, Etsy, Pinterest and others (LinkedIn is available for an additional fee).
  • Dynamically branded landing page with customizable URL as a central landing page that connects all of your networks to one place, and includes a bio, photo and other supplemental information.  Or if you already have a website, utilize this piece as a branded intro for your homepage or About Me section.
  • Initial 30-minute consultation via phone/Skype to discuss and strategize around your brand identity and objectives, and determine which networks to include in your digital brand portfolio.
  • Optimize your reach by adding a LinkedIn profile for an additional fee.


PRICE: Starting at $399

Digital Brand Presence Package
Digital Brand Presence Package
Branded profile content for up to 4 networks (Personal LinkedIn not included)
Price: $399.00
Digital Brand Presence Package + LinkedIn
Digital Brand Presence Package + LinkedIn
Branded profile content for up to 4 networks + personal LinkedIn profile
Price: $499.00