“Let’s Get It Goin’!” – Business Quick Start Program

.Aspyre Solutions Small Business Consulting Quick Start Program


3 Weeks to a better business plan!

Stop sitting on your business idea. This laser-focused quick-start program is all about getting you up and running with everything you need to get your brand out there and on track to making moola!

  • Who is LGIG for?  Creative, aspiring entrepreneurs who have a great small business idea or freelance venture, and want to laser-focus on the first couple steps to get it off the ground.  And given that you’re employed in another career full time, you could use a little help with motivation, time management and accountability as well.
  • Who is LGIG not for?  The next Mark Zuckerberg, those with an already-established business, or anyone looking towards entrepreneurship as a loose, last resort solution to unemployment or career dissatisfaction.

It’s all about 3 power-packed, laser-focused small business coaching sessions centered around the first phase of my 3-Tier coaching model, focusing on putting together a solid financial exit strategy to get you unstuck, and start taking REAL action to help you move into the next phase of running your business.  At the end of our 3 sessions you will walk away with:

  • A clear vision of what you want your business to look like in terms of your “Who, What, Where, Why and When”.
  • A solid exit strategy that creates clarity around what that actual transition from Employee to Entrepreneur will look like for you (your “How”).
  • A plan for moving forward into the next phase of decision making, brand building, marketing, sales and growth.


Program Includes:.

3 PERSONALIZED PLANNING SESSIONS (via phone) to help you create a side gig with the plan of becoming a full time venture within 12-18 months. Together we will create a solid foundation for growth & sustainability  by brainstorming and taking action on the key starting points:

     CREATIVE & COMPREHENSIVE WORKSHEETS & TOOLS to put your ideas into action.

  • 12 Month Exit Strategy Budgeting Tool
  • Business Planning Blueprint
  • Competitive Analysis Breakdown Worksheet
  • Brand Planning Worksheet

     ONGOING EMAIL COMMUNICATION  (read: I respond to all your emails in a timely manner) between sessions for ongoing feedback, advice and support.

    ACCESS TO ADDITIONAL “MEMBERS ONLY” DISCOUNTED PACKAGES to keep the work flowing and continue the process.



LGIG – Small Business Quick Start Program: $399

Includes 3 Sessions, Email Communication & Worksheets

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