Free Download: Anatomy of a Great Resume – Self-Guided Resume Template

A well-formatted and clearly branded resume is the cornerstone of starting an effective job search!

The most appropriate format for your resume will depend heavily upon your career objectives, and whether your marketing focus is your experience, your skill sets or both. Career changers typically get the best results from a hybrid resume that takes the chronological and functional formats and combines them into a cohesive format that utilizes core skill sets and strengths to create a compelling branding message, while also highlighting relevant areas of transferrable experience. This format can also work very well for the typical job seekers pursuing work in their relevant field.

My Anatomy of a Great Resume template takes a look at all of the elements that make up an effective and well-branded resume, and provides straight-forward suggestions for implementing your own content to create your most effective and optimized resume. For additional resume needs please contact me or check out the resume services option.

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