THE MISSION:  Dramatically shorten your job search, with tools
that define your personal brand, your value and, well, YOU.

From personal brand analyses to expertly branded resumes, I’ve helped hundreds of clients create professional and impactful resumes, profiles and branding tools that get them noticed, and get them hired! I guarantee that you walk away 100% satisfied… and with the tools you need to best market yourself.


What Do Clients Think?

“The day after you finished up my resume, I submitted it to a job with the NYC Dept of Ed. Got a call the next day, went through the process, and I’m happy to report I’m starting on Monday! So I just wanted to give you a big thanks for your help.” -John G. – Instructional Technologist, NYC

“Dana is the overall package of professionalism and solid execution. She diligently worked with me despite my crazy schedule to get the final products in a quick turn around time that didn’t sacrifice quality. My success story? Not too long after our first edit, I submitted my new resume to a company that eventually became a new freelance gig!” -Melissa E. – Writer, NYC


.    Aspyre Solutions - Resume Writing & Career Infographics by Dana Leavy   Aspyre Solutions - Resume writing by Dana Leavy   Aspyre Solutions - Resume Writing by Dana Leavy.

Your Resume is not just a Resume:  It’s your most powerful tool in your job search arsenal, a fully-loaded vehicle for marketing and communicating your personal brand to prospective employers!  A professionally-written resume from expert HR-trained eyes will significantly shorten your job search and produce better, more targeted responses almost immediately.  Without a stellar resume, the buck stops here.  Literally.

It’s all about understanding what you bring to the table and why that’s uber-valuable to your next employer.  My job is to take all the details and craft them into a masterpiece, a truly great “story” that creates a personal brand around your top skills, experience and expertise.  And if you’re changing career fields, taking your transferrable skills and previous accomplishments and crafting that in a way that communicates your ability adapt, grow and thrive in a new career field or role.


“Just wanted to update you that I got an offer and I am about to accept. Thanks so much for your help in this process.”  -Joel K


THE PROCESS:  Every resume writing process (including LinkedIn, Brand Analysis and Personal Brand Portfolio) starts off with a 20-30 minute phone conversation with you to discuss your challenges, interests and professional goals in depth, so I can best tailor your resume to tell your story.  We address the 5 key areas:

  • Branding:  Determine what your brand should be saying about you, and the overall message you want to employers to get about you.  This is the bread and butter of your resume and other branding tools, and we’ll use this to create a document that brands and sells your most relevant skills, strengths and core competencies, and that avoids cliche, dull language that doesn’t uniquely communicate the brand of YOU.
  • Voice:  Ensure that the voice of your document clearly speaks to and supports your level of experience, and doesn’t over- or under-qualify you.
  • Target:  Establish the types of roles and organizations you want your brand to speak to and qualify you for, and utilize keyword optimization.  We’ll position your skills and experience in a way that best supports your career objective, whether you’re seeking a new role in your field, or shifting careers completely.
  • Format:  Identify any existing challenges with your current strategy, and determine the best type of resume to fit your career objectives – chronological (traditional), functional, or hybrid format.
  • Readability:  Combine your most relevant job experience, responsibilities and accomplishments into an eye-catching, easy-to-read format that best communicates and highlights the most relevant information in a clear and concise format.  Never underestimate the power of good typography and layout (many forget this)!

 For samples click here.  For additional questions and info please contact me.

Upon checkout I will respond to you within 24 hours to schedule your phone consultation.



Resume Writing & Editing: $199

Resume Only
Includes 30 Minute Phone Consultation and Resume Rewrite in PDF, Word and Text formats. 3-4 Business Day Turnaround


Resume Rewrite + LinkedIN Profile Development: $245

Resume & LinkedIn Profile
Includes 30 Minute Phone Consultation, Resume Rewrite in PDF, Word and Text formats, LinkedIn Profile Rewrite & Input Directly into Your LinkedIn Profile (optional).
5-6 Business Day Turnaround


Personal Brand Portfolio: $325  

Resume, LinkedIn Profile & Cover Letter More Info
Includes Resume Rewrite, LinkedIn Profile Development, and Personalized Cover Letter.  Cover letters can be created for general use which you can continually customize on your own for multiple job applications, or custom tailored to fit a specific role or job description.
8-10 Business Day Turnaround



Resume & LinkedIn Feedback  More Info
An in-depth written analysis of your resume & LinkedIn profile based on the effectiveness of brand messaging, format, design, content, verbiage, language & other key areas, with feedback and suggestions on how to best optimize both for better results. Does Not Include Rewrites. 2-3 Business Day Turnaround

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What Do Clients Have to Say?

“Dana was great – and talk about fast turn around! My new resume looks great, and perhaps even more, the experience of working with Dana (the conversation I had with her before and the new layout I now have) really helped to focus me in terms of my job search. I think I came out of the process with a clearer sense of what I have to offer. Thanks!”
-Jeni M. – Playwright & Artistic Director, NYC

“I hired Dana to rewrite my resume, and she was great throughout the process. She asked good questions, was responsive and open to my feedback, and her editing and writing made a big difference on my resume.”
-Anastasia C. – U/X Designer, NYC

“I haven’t used a resume for 13 years – so I had no idea where to begin. Dana did an amazing job not only bringing it up to date, but making it look clean and professional. I’m anxious to use it and start my new career!”
-Shana B. – Project Manager, NYC

“Thank you for all of your hard work and translating our telephone conversation to a resume that accurately reflects my skills, talents, and career objective.”
-Tiffany M. – Advertising Professional, NYC

“Dana took my [resume] materials and transformed them quite literally, overnight! Working with her was seamless & her attention to detail is fantastic.”
-Marla K. – Actress/Singer, NYC

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